Video: Courtney Klein of SEED SPOT’s Secrets to Success


What do you do every day that you consider important to your success?

Courtney Klein: Every day, I try to write a thank-you note to someone. My parents were divorced when I was young, and I was away from my paternal grandmother. She would always send notes to us girls in the mail. There was something really powerful about getting something tangible with a stamp. I love the post office for that reason, and I hope it always stays in business. So part of my tradition is to always write thank-you notes, consistently, to people who have meant something to me, my work, the team, or our collective mission here. I really believe in the power of remembering daily who you’re thankful for and who made your day and this work possible.

Who: Courtney Klein is co-founder and CEO of Phoenix-based SEED SPOT, one of the country’s top non-profit incubators. Since 2012, SEED SPOT has accelerated the dreams of more than 170 social entrepreneurs.

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